Weight loss path

Replace meals with nutritionally balanced high protein, low carb shakes and bars. This diet establishes a stable state of nutritional ketosis which suppresses your appetite (making it easier to stay on plan).

This meal replacement plan:

  • interrupts the momentum of not-so-healthy habits

  • interrupts carb-cycling  

  • allows you to get your feet pointed in a better direction

  • gets the weight off (2-5 lbs/week)

  Products are available from local merchants.



Learn new skills and information, find: support, guidance, inspiration accountability, friendship, and fun at weekly classes led by Madison-area wellness experts:

  • health psychologists

  • nutritionists 

  • health coaches

  • fitness experts

The end goal is not to to stay on a ketogenic meal replacement diet, but to transition back to real food, developing and maintaining a healthier relationship with food and growing health-sustaining habits.  Classes are also designed to this end.

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