What makes Mind Body Plate a more powerful and effective weight loss service?

  • Weekly classes

  • Support

  • Accountability

  • Life-long wellness skills and habits taught

  • Reasonable, realistic goals

  • Ongoing support (after weight loss)

Why we start off with a low carb (KETO) meal plan?

Because it works

  • Interrupts unhealthy eating patterns.

  • Breaks carb-cycling  (the glucose-insulin tail-chase).

  • Weight loss of A 10-15 % has proven and profound health benefits.

    • MBP members achieve a 10-15% weight loss.

      • We see this as both reasonable, sustainable.  A "normal" BMI is not necessary for significant improvement of health and quality of life.

      • We do not support ongoing dieting.


  • Nutritional Ketosis benefits include:

    • Suppressed appetite

    • Sustained fat burning

    • Improved lipid profile

      • Dramatic drop in triglycerides

      • Increase of HDL

      • LDL particle size changes (less small, more large LDL particle size)

    • Normalizing blood glucose and insulin levels

    • Reduced systemic inflammation (and associated benefits)

  • It’s well-tolerated

    • Off-breath and frequent urination are the most common side-effects.

    • Constipation or loose stools can occur, but are easily managed by drinking plenty of water and adding fiber.

Weekly classes, led my wellness experts (dietitians, health psychologists, health coaches, fitness experts), offer new skills and information, support, guidance, inspiration accountability, friendship, and fun.

Classes are interactive, discussing:

  • Past eating habits  (how to cultivate new, health-promoting habits)

  • Stress management skills and habits

  • Mindfulness skills and habits

  • Problem solving

  • Macro- and Micro-nutrients information

  • Grocery-store, kitchen, restaurant navigation and skills

  • Self-care

  • How to improve sleep

  • Fitness goal setting and follow-up

  • Chair yoga

  • More..........

MBP follows an I.P.D. model:

  •     Intervention

  • P   Preparation (training, rehab)

  • D   Duration  (ongoing support of healthy habits)

Think of the diet as an intervention, similar to casting a broken arm.

  • An interruption from the same old activity (habits)

When the cast comes off, the rehab/training begins. However, Mind Body Plate's training/rehab starts while the cast is on (during the diet phase) with weekly classes, email and text support/reminders.


Training/rehab continues as the cast comes off,transitioning to a balanced clean-food meal plan.

Health-sustaining habits are supported through ongoing classes, after the weight loss.


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