Mind Body Plate

Is about reclaiming health and quality of life through reasonable weight loss supported by classes. ​

Start off following a ketogenic meal replacement meal plan to kick-start your weight loss. Then (when you're ready) gradually transition back to a simple and sustainable real food meal plan.

Classes are designed to help you every step of the way and to teach and grow your:

  •  stress management and mindfulness skills

  •  connection to daily activity

  •  knowledge of lower carb eating

More importantly, classes offer a community where you can find: support, guidance, accountability, fun, and friendships.


Classes are led by Madison-area wellness experts:

  • health psychologists

  • nutritionists 

  • health coaches

  • fitness experts

  • guest speakers

Guiding principles


Chronic stress leads to illness and obesity.

Mindfulness and stress reduction are skills that require training, practice, and support to become life-long health sustaining habits.

MBP teaches and explores mindfulness and stress management skills. Health psychologists, yoga, and mindfulness experts are frequent guest teachers at our classes.


Growing more fit is key at reclaiming and maintaining a healthier weight, a healthier mind, and improved mood. It's important to remember we are not born athletic.  We adapt to the life we lead. Time and practice will get you there.

MBP teaches fitness strategies and offers in-class yoga and chair yoga. We utilize SMART goal setting and follow-up to help you grow your level of activity and find what you love.


What we chose to eat and not to eat, along with our eating habits are absolutely vital to working with our bodies to reclaim and maintain health. Choosing more natural unprocessed food and minimizing simple carbs fits best with our genetic code.

We will always loose a war with food. Finding an ongoing healthy relationship with food is a better path.

Our Meal Replacement Path utilizes shakes and bars to hit the "pause button" on your food/eating habits and connections while achieving significant weight loss. Following this we guide you back to real food, simpler eating with an emphasis on healthier macro-nutrients (proteins, fats, carbs) and necessary micro/phytonutrients.

During our weekly and bi-weekly classes, we discuss what works and what hurts in our world of food. Area dietitians and nutritionists visit class regularly to discuss their perspectives, expertise, and insights.

Health and Quality of Life

Many studies have found that losing even 10% of total body weight results in significantly improved health and quality of life. You will likely lose more than 10% of your total body weight participating in Mind Body Plate. The end goal is to reclaim sustainable health at a reasonable weight, to feel better and live longer.

Support is the key to success

Mind Body Plate leaders are available before and after each class as well as on line to support and guide you as you lose weight and work toward  your goals.  We believe in the power of community. Our classes provide this. The friendships and camaraderie found in classes make losing weight more enjoyable and maintaining weight more achievable and realistic.

MBP is taking a break over the summer.

Please visit this site in September for updates

Who We Serve


Mind Body Plate is group-based, yet flexible to meet the needs of the individual.

You do not need a referral to participate in MBP.

We work with your individual needs to help you lose weight and develop health-sustaining habits.

Health-Care Providers

Physician's, advanced practice providers, surgeons, therapists, chiropractors, and other healthcare providers find MBP a powerful tool they can offer to their patients who struggle with obesity and weight-related health problems.

A few conditions that improve significantly with weight loss:

   - Type 2 Diabetes

   - Sleep apnea

   - Hypertension

   - Joint and back pain

   - Heart disease


Employers know improving the health of their  employees is cost-effective in so many ways:

  - Improved productivity

  - Reduced missed time at work

  - Reduced premiums

  - Improved satisfaction

Mind Body Plate provides a real tool (not just good advice) to help your employees achieve improved health.

MBP can provide on-site services to your team and provide health metrics/data

Program Fees

STEP ONE ( weight loss path,  3-6 months )  

   $ 90/month 

              - 3 month sets -



STEP TWO ( optional - maintenance classes )  

   $ 50/month 

              - 6 month sets -



  • Initial consult

  • 13 weekly classes

  • Class materials

  • Individual visits before or after class,

  • Email and texting support


  • Initial consult

  • Biweekly classes   (13)

  • Class materials

  • Individual visits before or after class,

  • Email and texting support

Use your flex spending or wellness incentives!

Some members have found their flex spending or wellness incentives cover class fees


If you have questions or would like to learn more, please send us an email.


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